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Hello please buy an ugly magazine, pretty please. Also, while you’re here, have you ever thought about why there aren’t more weiner animals? There are weiner dogs. But no other weiners in the animal kingdom. I propose we breed to weiner-ize every animal imaginable. Weiner whale, weiner bear, weiner tiger, weiner giraffe, weiner woman, weiner man, weiner uncle, weiner centipede, weiner butterfly, weiner bird… you get it. We must begin immediately.


Support the fuck outta ugly mag with a generous monthly sponsorship package.

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Last updated: 04/04/22


What do I get with a sponsorship package?

Damn. Gotta commend you, this is a great question. This ain’t no one way road bud, this is a bustling freeway and we’re blasting cars back and forth at each other. I don’t mean to be too unabashedly biased but I gotta say… the monthly sponsorship package rocks (excuse my language).

What you’ll get, specifically, while sponsoring us:

  • Your big ol’ honkin logo (or name) with a link to a website of your choice in every issue.
  • Your big ol’ honkin logo (or name) with a link to a website of your choice on our website.
  • Your logo (or name) and website link at any events we hold (we’re planning a release party for an issue this year).
  • A copy of every single past issue of Ugly Magazine.
  • Everything included in a regular monthly subscription.
  • We’ll work together on a full page dedicated to you in our magazine in 1 issue per year.
  • If any merch gets created, we’ll send it your way too.
  • A quarterly sponsor video call. We’ll update you on all things ugly. Subscription numbers, financials, behind the scenes peeks at new issues, in the works projects, etc. If you’d like, you can be just as much in the know on all the business and creative aspects of the magazine as we are (ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.)

This sponsorship is meant for folks who would like to have an outsized impact on the success of this goofy lil mag. We’re (mostly) surviving and certainly not thriving. If you believe in what we’re doing and want to see us take this as far as we possibly can, here are some examples of the ways your money will be used:

  • Paying creatives to contribute to the magazine.
  • Adding to our marketing budget and growth efforts.
  • Offset the cost of shipping and printing.
  • New merch.
  • Help us invest in live events (local and touring).
  • Generally, give us flexibility to try new creative ideas (board games? kickstarters? short films? guerrilla marketing tactics? The possibilities are friggen endless man).
  • Keeping the magazine ad-free (the way the good lord intended).
  • Avoiding succumbing to the acrimonious fate of all (ALL) indie magazines (death by trial of combat). Or, in other words, we get to keep making this shit.

Sound like some crap you’re tryna get into? Welp, click here to get started dude (sorry that I called you dude. I don’t know where that came from I’m not usually one to speak in the “vernacular of the youth”, I can assure you this will not happen again. Unless… Unless you do not sponsor us, then I will have no choice but to resort to shameful pandering to the juvenile. DO. NOT. THREATEN. ME. I’LL FUCKIN DO IT).

Uh, anyway. Questions? Shoot me an email and let’s chat. hi@uglygoofs.com.

With big ass regards,
— Molly, Alex, Doug, Shawn


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