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Wet your filthy little beak with a peek inside Issue 06.
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Subscription Test
What do I get with a subscription?

With your subscription you become an official and honorary member of I Am Ugly (magazine subscriber) Club. Also, people will think you are hot.

Sweet, Sweet, Member Perks

4 issues of Ugly Magazine per year

released in March, June, September, and December.


10% off at the merch store

o baby you got it made in the shade with this deal.


Free merch prize drawings

every issue we give away some cool junk u can have.


Monthly-ish behind the scenes updates

watch as our success spirals us down a hellish path of prayer, good deeds, and community focus


Referral prizes

get some chums to sign up and get free stuff


Assured enlightenment

i worked it out w the big man upstairs and you automatically will go to heaven for supporting us (he said it’s ok bc we are a tiny operation and we don’t make like any money lol)

Subscription Test

questions that are frequently asked

Is this a physical or digial magazine?

Just a physical mag that we mail right to your dumbass (sorry).

Does the magazine ship internationally?

At this time we can only support sending a physical magazine in the United States. But we’re working on it. There is a digital only subscription available, that might work, if ur interested.

Email us at and tell us what country you’re writing from so we know you exist!!!!

How often does Ugly Magazine ship?

We send you a mag quarterly. March, June, September, and December.

When will I get a magazine?

Every March, June, September, and December we send a mag to your home where it belongs.

How many people work on the magazine?

It’s a small operation and most definitely a labor of love. There are four of us that have been working on each issue since the beginning. We occasionally invite others to join our writing process.

Why did u make this magazine?

We’re a lil group of four local Detroit comedians and we wanted a way to make folks laugh with something that exists for more than just an evening. We fuckin’ love making this mag and hearing from subscribers that they like it!!!!

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