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Hello please buy an ugly magazine, pretty please. Also, while you’re here, have you ever thought about why there aren’t more weiner animals? There are weiner dogs. But no other weiners in the animal kingdom. I propose we breed to weiner-ize every animal imaginable. Weiner whale, weiner bear, weiner tiger, weiner giraffe, weiner woman, weiner man, weiner uncle, weiner centipede, weiner butterfly, weiner bird… you get it. We must begin immediately.

Give the gift of goofs.
Buy gift subscription bundle ($69)
an $100 value!
Gift subscription

What is a gift subscription bundle?

You got a little fricken weirdo in the family? “Funny” uncle? A neighbor that you hate? We have the perfect gift, the Ugly Magazine subscription bundle™, chocked full of a bunch of goofy shit for your special goofball. Read what ya’ get below.


Ugly Magazine throughout the year.

Yes, this is the actual "subscription" part of it. The Magazine ships quarterly in March, June, September, and December and will keep your chucklehead guffawing for the whole dang year. The value!
Gift subscription

Issue 09

We send you a copy of our inaugural holiday issue (from December 2022) so you have a physical gift to give and your little weirdo doesn't have to wait until March to get a copy. We include a page with details about the gift subscription, what they get and how they get it.
Gift subscription

Sexy Hot Dog Dad Hat

A one of a kind collectible. This sexy hot dog has it all and will leave people who are looking at the front of your head while you are wearing this hat begging for more and asking “um who are they? and can you put in a good word for me? Oh sorry, I meant the hot dog, not you.”
Gift subscription

Assorted Random Sticker Pack (5)

Scandalous! The dweeb you’re gifting this bundle to will get a buncha lil stickers they can stick wherever they like. And I mean wherever...... (it's not up to us just let them do what they want with it geez)
Gift subscription

Official Ugly subscriber ID card.

With the official Subscriber ID Card, the little weirdo in your life will now have undeniable proof of their fine taste in things like: wet fart jokes, physical periodicals in the year 2021 (move on already!), and tantalizing hot dogs.
Gift subscription

And all the other perks of subscription.

10% off at the merch store, monthly behind the scenes updates, monthly merch giveaway, referral prizes, and the satisfaction of knowing they’re helping four lowly, docile, and meek artists make printed high-brow humor.
Gift subscription

Issue 09, four more magazines throughout the year, sexy hot dog dad hat, five random stickers, an official member ID card, 10% off at the merch store, entered into the monthly merch giveawy, and all the other perks of being a subscriber.

All for only $69. I’m pretty sure we’re losing money on this? Take advantage of our financially irresponsible mistake while you still can.

questions that are asked, frequently

How does it work?

We send you a copy of issue 9 (our 2022 holiday issue) right away.

Inside the issue is a page with a coupon code and instructions for your gift receiver to redeem their spoils (this ensure we get their correct address and preferences).

When will my gift recipient receive the magazine?

You’ll get a copy of issue 9 right away that you can wrap and give to them (shipping can take anywhere from 2-10 days).

After that your gift recipient will receive magazines throughout the year in March, June, September, and December.

Will I be charged again in a year?

No, you pay a one time charge of $69.

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